Dr. Timothy Addison

Tim Addison, PhD
Dr. Timothy Addison

Tim is a research statistician who helps master’s and doctoral students with statistical design (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) and analysis (descriptive and inferential via SPSS). Tim also helps students resolve questions related to the use of statistics in the proposal, data collection, and analysis of quantitative and mixed-methods research.

Tim earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University. He has taught for the University of Phoenix; the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY; and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Irvine and Los Angeles Campuses).

Tim has 20 years of health care experience, including 10 as a civilian and 10 as an active duty service member (rank of Major) within the United States Army Reserves as a Research Psychologist.

While on active duty, Tim was the first author of a journal article that examined the important roles that both reservists and their civilian employers play in homeland defense. Tim was also the first author of another journal article that investigated the impact of deployment on the psychological health status, level of alcohol consumption, and use of psychological health resources of post-deployed Army Reserve soldiers. Tim’s military awards include: Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; United States Army Commendation Medal; National Defense Service Medal; and United States Army Service Ribbon.

Since 2012, as a dissertation/thesis coach, Tim collaborates with clients (graduate and undergraduate students) to define study objectives and state the problems and/or questions to be answered; defines statistical hypotheses; selects an appropriate study design; performs power analysis for best sample size; consults with the client as needed to assure the methods and results are understood; designs client study (Methods) before proposal submission; designs surveys or questionnaires; cleans client collected data and run descriptive statistics in SPSS; performs inferential analyses in SPSS; reviews written reports. consults with client as needed during the entire study process, including their defense to committee; develops surveys for multiple industries, with an emphasis on Likert-scaled instrumentation; and provides factor analysis and reliability testing in SPSS to assure client’s instrument is measuring succinct factors.

Tim also teaches working adult students (undergraduate and graduate) in the School of Business and College of Social Sciences in these subjects: Applied Business Research & Statistics; Statistics For Decision Making; and Research and Statistics for the Social Sciences. In these courses, Tim teaches the application of descriptive statistics methods to qualitative and quantitative data via MS Excel (MegaStat and Analysis ToolPak) and SPSS. Tim’s courses also include understanding of analytical methods used to make inferences about population properties based on sample data (i.e., correlations, t-tests, ANOVA, regression) and nonparametric methods (i.e., Chi-square, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, and Spearman Rank Correlation).

“Tim was so helpful. He understood what I was trying to do with my dissertation research analysis and took the time to explain everything to me in a way I could easily follow. He helped me out of a real mess – and on a short deadline. He saved my doctoral program. I was about to give up! I highly recommend him.” – J. Gonzalez, doctoral candidate, Texas Tech University

“Tim is a wonderful statistics tutor. He explained concepts and SPSS to me in a way I could understand. Tim is skilled, smart and patient!” – Michelle

“Tim is an absolutely fantastic statistician and tutor! He worked with me one-on-one for several months, going through every statistical measurement & analysis method (using SPSS v.24) that was needed, explaining everything in a way that I could easily understand, & even helping me with the wording of the results. He was patient & kind, which really helped as I was under a lot of pressure at the time. I must give him a lot of credit for helping me obtain my PhD. I can’t say strongly enough what a positive experience it was! 😊” – Kathleen

“Tim has guided me through my statistics course in my MBA program with fantastic results. Really appreciate your help, a few parts were very difficult for me. Couldn’t have done it without you!” – J. Paul

“Statistics was a difficult course for me. I struggled the entire semester. I never missed a day of class, but I just couldn’t grasp the concepts. I did online tutoring with Tim a few days before my final exam. I received my progress report the day of my final exam, I had 67 points “D”. The final exam was worth 20 points, I passed the class with “B”! Thanks a million Tim!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!!!” – Keela

“I cannot express how wonderful and appreciative i am with the tutoring that i received from Tim. I had the pleasure of having him as my professor and as my dissertation reader. On more than one occasion, he was willing to meet with me in person to review material and was always easily available via phone/email. I highly recommended him for any student. You will not be disappointed! :)” – Raquel

“My first tutoring session with Tim was great. He took the time to not only help me with what I need help with, but he took the time to explain concepts that set the stage for true comprehension on my part. Overall a great experience.” – Cynthia

“I am very satisfied with the assistance I have received from Tim. He is very patient and understanding with the way he explains the subject matter. Very polite individual whom I wish I had known much earlier. I am glad for the opportunity to met Tim.” – Tony

“Tim was incredibly helpful and immediately understood where I needed help. He helped me articulate concepts I had difficulty with. Also, he did not take advantage of my pressure or deadline and is very reasonable with his charges. I highly recommend him! My degree was a doctorate in social work. He is great for stats. for any degree including the doctoral level.” – Shirley

“I would like to give an outstanding review of Tim’s ability to assist with statistics. I have a PhD in psychology and decent stats training, but needed Tim to assist me with some more complicated questions regarding a few papers I am working on. In this capacity, Tim was extremely helpful, and his extensive knowledge about different types of statistical models (both in terms of research design, and interpreting SPSS output) was quite evident. I have worked with Tim now on numerous projects, and he has been very helpful each time we work together. I would highly recommend him to undergraduate or graduate students needing help with their research, or more senior investigators needing a statistical consultant. Thanks Tim!” – Brandon

“Tim is everything you could ask for in a tutor. Very knowledgable, supportive and easy to work with. I highly recommend him!!” – Holly

“Any RN like me who struggled c stats call this guy. He saved me. Made sense of what I never thought I would get. Well worth it.” – Leslie

“Tim has helped me with my Masters level Introduction to Statistics and my Masters level Year Long Thesis project. He was thorough and patient because I had a lot of trouble with statistics. During our work together, Tim helped me understand various component of my project. With his help I was able to successfully pass my Masters Thesis. Thank you, Tim!” – Valeria

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