How much do you charge?

Always the first question, but the most difficult to answer upfront!

Our consultants are independent contractors. Please fill out the submission form and the statistician(s) you select will contact you directly to answer your questions and provide a price quote.

Who are the statisticians affiliated with HelpWithStatistics.com?

Our network consists of qualitative and quantitative research methodologists who have worked with hundreds of graduate students during the data collection, research proposal, and thesis or dissertation writing process. As part of their data and dissertation services, they also prepare students for their comprehensive exams and oral defense presentations.

How do I use this site?

Review our statisticians and then go to our submission page for a free quote. You can either select statisticians by name or let our coordinator select a statistician who matches your topic/software/deadline date.

How long will it take?

This obviously depends on the amount of input required by your statistical consultant, as well as doing your part, as needed, on a timely basis. Please be as accurate as possible in representing the full scope of your project.

What services do you offer?

First, it’s important to know that we do not offer writing services for students. We will not fabricate data. Graduate schools and professors recommend us because of our ethical guidelines. We do not want to be responsible for your institution revoking your degree due to plagiarism or other ethical violations.

With that said, we do offer:

  • Help defining and refining your research questions and hypotheses
  • Assistance selecting appropriate research methods
  • Determining necessary sample sizes
  • Designing paper and online surveys
  • Creating data entry forms, codebooks and protocols
  • Data management, including missing value estimation
  • Descriptive, comparative and post hoc statistical analysis
  • Help with interpreting your results
  • Guidance on how to write and talk about your results
  • Reviewing your dissertation chapters for statistical accuracy
  • Help with selecting and formatting results for journal publication

Is this confidential?

Your statistician will not share your work with third parties unless required to by law or on demand from a representative from your institution. A confidentiality clause is part of the service agreement you will have with your statistics consultant.

Who are your clients?

The majority of our clients are graduate students attending online or campus-based universities. We have worked with students who live or attend universities in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

We also work with science/medical/clinical and social science researchers.

Do you offer additional services?

See DissertationAdvisors.com for content assistance and APA editing services.

How can I contact the network coordinator?

You can email us at contact@dissertationadvisors.com or send a text to 682-747-6999.

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