Statistics Services for Researchers

Research Statisticians – Research Data Analysis

We know that you take your research seriously, and so do we. We understand that your time is valuable and your good reputation is vital to your professional success.

Our statistics consultants’ objectives are to help by:

  • Developing the research question(s)
  • Designing the methods
  • Validating surveys
  • Entering data
  • Analyzing your data using rigorous quantitative techniques
  • Interpreting your findings
  • Preparing tables and graphs
  • Addressing the comments of reviewers and editors
  • Solving your problems in an expedient, efficient, and timely manner

Statistical Modelling for the Biosciences, including:

  • Statistical and computational modelling of relationships between different variables, if possible with causal interpretation
  • Computer simulation of biological processes
  • Sample size determination and power analysis
  • Time series analysis of climate data (ARIMA modelling)
  • Accuracy review of your biological science research proposal

Ecology and Environmental Science:

  • Which environmental conditions have an influence on the density of a population, and what does the quantitative relation look like?
  • Which variables determine the spatial distribution of organisms?
  • Which species can act as environmental indicators in a community?
  • Which species are found together, which are not?
  • How can habitats be described quantitatively?
  • Descriptions and comparisons of ecosystems

Medical, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Does a treatment show the desired response? Are there side effects?
  • How effective or toxic is a chemical compound?
  • Can diseases be diagnosed automatically on the basis of suitable measurements?
  • What sample size is needed in a study to properly test for an effect?

Agriculture and Forestry

  • How can the establishment of a pest species be described numerically?
  • What environmental features of forests tend to occur together?
  • What are the structural properties of food webs?
  • How will pollinators respond to global warming?

Population Genetics and Evolution

  • What is the effect of frequency-dependent selection on allele frequencies?
  • How does the morphology of a taxon change through the fossil record?
  • How are different species related?

We collaborate with you throughout the process by phone and by online virtual meetings.

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